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  1. http://WWW.DAIG.PENTAGON.MIL, Office of the Inspector General
    This is a complaint against Lt. Col. Richard Vargas, currently posted at the Pentagon for conduct unbecoming an officer by abusing two Disabled Veterans, Spec. Brent Grommet and his military working dog ‘Matty’ both of whom were injured by an IED in Afghanistan and returned to the U.S. on July 20, 2013.

    By law Spec. Brent Grommet is allowed to adopt this dog and had requested to do so, a request that had prior approval.

    The two were separated upun landing at an Air Force base in New Jersey – standard operating procedure.

    According to U.S. Army regulations he had the right to adopt his military working dog, a right colloquially known as Robby’s Law, as signed by President Clinton in 2000.

    Brent Grommet never saw Matty again, the dog was absconded with by Lt. Col Richard Vargas and in spite of every inquiry and complaint the military has done nothing to make it right.

    This is a complaint against Lt. Col. Richard Vargas who either stole the U.S. military dog, ‘Matty’, himself or was complicit in transferring the possession of this dog to someone who was not authorized and had no right to take possession of this U.S. Government property and now refuses to return it, ‘Matty’, to her proper owner;

    note, Spc. Grommet, now 23, came back from Afghanistan with traumatic brain injury, hearing loss and spinal-cord injury, ‘Matty’ is crucial to this soldier’s recovery and this is known by Lt. Col. Richard Vargas.

    Theft from an active duty U.S. Soldier by an Officer, Lt. Col. Richard Vargas, rises to the level of conduct unbecoming of an officer and should be investigated and prosecuted accordingly…and ‘Matty’ needs to be returned to her true owner, Spc. Brent Grommet.

    Thank you.
    Perhaps this will be effective…as filed a few minutes ago; feel free to join in.

    “Complaint Form
    Thank you for using the online complaint form. Your information will be reviewed and if you have provided sufficient information a case will be entered and a case number will be generated. If you have provided your contact info you will be contacted.

    Thank you.
    Army IG.”

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